CLP is an informative & entertaining event,
tailored to kids of all ages.

Introducing the basics of Creativity for kids ages 5 and up, this program includes:

Book Readings

An intimate activity that captivates children’s minds and introduces one of Joseph’s professionally crafted stories. Focusing on timeless themes of Virtue and Personal Growth, each story is designed to spark their inner worlds, long after the story is finished.

Puppet Shows

Designed for ages 5-9, these are entertaining and interactive presentations, introducing children to tools and props that go into the Creative Arts. Participants must critically decide what goes into the Creative Arts and what might not.

Jeopardy Game

Set to a backdrop of a colorful game board, this question & answer team-building game, focuses on topics found in creative projects. After a brief presentation, the game begins with questions from the presentation to test the retention of the audience. Designed for ages 10 and up, this is one lively, fun game!

Imagination Exercises

These take children into the dream world of their own imagination, assisting them in visualizing their own stories. This presentation also introduces the concepts of real and abstract art, and creating from vision and/or emotion.

Gateway to Creativity

This is where we put everything we’ve learned into action. Time allowing, Joseph assists the children in creating one page of their own story, inspired by their own imagination. This culminates into the children expressing their creative freedom in way they may not have been able to before.

Perfect for schools, organizations, events and parties!