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Life is for Learning, so Educate here!


Joseph offers many ways to connect and learn through creativity. Expressive children make learning fun. Through the Creative Literacy Program, young students are engaged with inspired interactivity & creativity to grow into the uniqueness that they are.


The children’s book offering is on an expansive journey as well. Amazing adventures with Jason, the Crawdad King, Amber & her Father, Cassandra and Alexander, with many more to come, offer precious morals and life lessons for kids of all ages.

The Creative Literacy Program

CLP was born from the desire to share Joseph’s love of creativity with children. He has been involved in creative projects most of his adult life. But it wasn’t until he published his first children’s book, that he realized he had a wonderful vehicle to inspire creativity in the hearts of kids.
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Books to grow from

Jason & The Crawdad King

This bedtime story is perfect for early readers and teaches children the rewards of compassion and the discovery of creativity. After Jason finds and helps a tangled up crawdad, he’s whisked away into a fantastic, underwater kingdom, where he learns that kind deeds are always rewarded.
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Amber’s Seeing Heart

A winner at the 2018 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards, Amber’s Seeing Heart is a tender story about the healing power of love, in the aftermath of loss.
After Amber goes on a spectacular sight-seeing tour with her father, she visits her grandmother who cannot see. There, she learns the greatest things in life are seen with the heart, with love that reaches far beyond this world.
A beautiful story of healing for children and adults alike!
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Two Hearts of Gold

Before Romeo and Juliet, there was Cassandra and Alexander—remarkable children from the kingdoms of Light and Grace, destined to share the greatest love of all time. From their love, a gift was given to the entire Earth. It was so powerful, it changed the world forever.
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Caite & Cameron at Grandma and Grandpa's!

Meet Joe

Joseph Drumheller is a magical adventurer sailing with his companion, the Free Spirit of Creativity. He lives in the hearts and minds of young explorers everywhere.
Jason and the Crawdad King opened new doors for him to touch the hearts and minds of children with books. By using timeless themes, wonderful values, and beautiful illustrations, he creates profound and magical adventures into the worlds of growth and awareness.