Hypnotherapy – One Big Step Toward Personal Freedom

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Our world, filled with distraction and social angst, heavily influences our states of mind. In that unaware mental and emotional programming, many people carry heavy burdens that they’re not even aware of. That’s because it lives in the subconscious mind, especially with respect to past trauma. 

The litmus test for knowing who we are is experienced in the vibration radiated by our feelings and thoughts at any given moment. But how does knowing what you’re broadcasting relate to finding and maintaining personal freedom? What is personal freedom? How can hypnotherapy or guided meditation help us find it?

Personal freedom means conscious and consistent liberation from disruptive external sources. In that freedom, we maintain harmony in our mental and emotional independence, no matter what.

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It is also the delicious wildfire for one’s path in this world. The big question that follows is “How do we get there?” In answering this question myself, and with ecological positive impact in mind, I set up the Rebuildmymind Project. This is an award-winning project from the Lagos Model United Nations Conference. Our goal is geared towards alleviating specific mental health issues in young people in Lagos, Nigeria.

Hypnotherapy and guided meditation techniques can help us hit “pause” once in a while to assess the madness and relax. There was life on earth before you came here; there will be life on earth after you’re gone. So why not do the work of manifesting your very best self, so when you do leave, it will be on a satisfactory basis?

The problem is, it’s not so simple, because we are not in conscious control of our actions. Our subconscious mind is. Research suggests that most of us create lives based on reaction to subconscious programs (beliefs) that have been installed since infancy.

Most of us have no barriers between our highly impressionable minds and the world at large. This is why we accept “the way things are and the way I am”. Which in turn causes us to turn around and practice these ‘beliefs’ and perpetuate the entire cycle.

This is why we are experts at coming up with reasons we cannot do certain things. We hold our parents responsible for what has happened to us. Sometimes those reasons can be justified. However, if the same repeating patterns of suffering happen when our parents are no longer there, then we need to take a good long look inside ourselves.

If we don’t, the continuing patterns will continue to regenerate and allow negative emotions to stifle our capacity to truly live,  in a state of low vibration. In the end, personal freedom becomes the opportunity cost for stuck and negative emotions.

The art of Hypnotherapy uses guided meditation techniques to facilitate healing from deep unresolved emotions that hold us back. By going inward and coming to peace with past trauma, it’s very possible to attain personal freedom to live our very best life. For example, techniques such as Self-forgiveness and Forgiveness of Others can heal emotional wounds by shifting our perceptions on the deepest level. While Age Regression reframes past negative experiences by creating new positive ones, giving the subconscious mind an alternative on which to base our decision-making and behavior.  

There are many more hypnotherapy techniques that can be applied to a variety of healing situations. Furthermore, hypnotherapy can also open the doors to the vastness of our creativity and greatly expand our experience of consciousness.

The net result is a positive transformation in our life experiences which enhances our life choices. It’s one big step toward personal freedom.

Ivan Bekaren is an actor, singer/songwriter, poet, NLP practitioner (ABNLP qualified), certified holistic health, life and wellness coach, and hypnotherapist. He is the Lead for the Rebuildmymind Project.

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