Private Healing Sessions

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Joseph offers private sessions
to support healing & growth, using modalities that include:

Sound Healing
Hands-on Healing
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Guided Deep Relaxation

Private Healing Sessions

Private sessions are individualized to address the specific needs of each person. Energy is directed and focused, taking clients far beyond what they can do by themselves or in a group. Sessions are generally aimed at healing, creating, and/or dynamically expanding energy.
For a free phone/video consultation, feel free to contact Joseph & set up a call.
30-minute Session - Quick tune-ups for clients who can go into the zone quickly.
60-minute Session - Introduction. The first session reveals how your internal process works. You’ll be given a verification sheet and a follow-up email to monitor your progress.
Three Sessions - Results. By the third session, we’ll be monitoring concrete results and developing an action plan to obtain what you desire. Includes follow-ups and verification. Two-month expiration.
Five Sessions - Breakthrough. By the fifth session, you’ll be on the path to breaking through any limitations that have prevented you from pursuing yourself to the fullest. We’ll also begin manifesting what you desire in your life. This package includes deep healing, action plans, follow-ups, and verification of progress. Six-month expiration.
Ten Sessions - Transformation. By the tenth session, we’ll be delving into mysticism, spiritual awakening, kundalini experiences. and the development of your inner gifts. This positive transformation will rewire the very fabric of your being, as you open the doors to your sacred destiny. This package includes verification, follow-ups, action plans, and advanced tools for self-discovery. One year expiration.
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Joseph’s techniques are gentle and safe and the results are long lasting.
He has helped clients with:

Physical Pain
Weight Loss
Eating & Sleep Disorders
Healing the Past
Death and Dying
Emotional Pain
Grief and Loss
Healing the Past
Panic Attacks and Fear
Relationships and Family
Sexual and Physical Abuse
Career and Finances
Creating a Great Life
Intuitive Growth
Life Purpose
Major Life Changes
Past Life Interference