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Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Course, Part One
This course will give you introductory tools to move you toward a meaningful new career in hypnotherapy or provide a powerful supplement your existing profession. You will also come away with transformative knowledge, insight, and experience on how your own internal process works. If you’re interested in helping others via guided meditation, sign up today.
Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Course, Part Two
This course is specifically designed for qualified students interested in pursing a career as a professional healer. Meditations learned in this training will reduce the impact of trauma and stress in the lives of  your clients, including both adults and children. By mastering the art of implementing the positive effects of meditation, you will learn tools to assist your clients in their own self care.
Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Course, Part Three
Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Course, Part Three is a course designed for existing, or those studying to be, professional hypnotherapists, healers, counselors, and psychologists. The material in this course will provide insights into theory, practical applications, and session-related nuances that will help you maximize your effectiveness, as a leader in meditative healing.
Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Course, Part Four
If you’ve made it this far in your studies as a hypnotherapist, then you’re serious about the subject matter. In this course, we’ll be taking your game up a notch, by discussing practical approaches and strategies for specific advanced issues you’ll be facing in your practice as a healer.
Hypnotherapy, Miracles, Mysticism, & Darkness
This is a refreshing departure from my other courses. Instead of providing ‘how to’ instruction and meditation techniques, I’ll be telling true stories of actual spiritual awakenings, mystical experiences, miraculous healings, and encounters with the dark side. These stories have been gathered from nearly three decades, in my work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.
Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions for Cancer
This course is based on the six years I spent working in a cancer radiation clinic. The meditations address specific issues cancer patients face, commonly overlooked by medical doctors. Filled with profound insight and healing techniques, this course is a must supplement for anyone’s treatment plan.
Guided Meditation - The Ultimate Introduction for Beginners
Are you ready to dive into the fascinating world of mindfulness and guided meditation? These experiential meditations will take you into the basics of deep relaxation, managing stress, calming noisy thoughts, and healing family dynamics. This course is a great start for exploring your road to inner peace.
Guided Meditations - Love, Money, Creativity and Consciousness
This course is comprised of proven, professional Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions, providing relief and expansion to the most important areas of life. Four powerful guided meditations take on real-life challenges and teach you how to enhance intimacy, strengthen finances, boost creativity, and expand consciousness.
Guided Meditations for Stress, Anger, Fear and Distraction
In the 21st century, the runaway freight train of technology has created some universal emotional responses that hit us all. In this course, we’ll be using mediation to quell the fires of stress, anger and fear, while taking time to re-connect with ourselves and remember what is really important. This is a much needed class in a rapidly accelerating world.
Guided Meditations for Spiritual Awakening
In this course, we’ll be using guided meditation to concentrate on universal virtues, that raise our personal vibration, to prepare for a spiritual awakening. The intended outcome is to provide a noticeable and lasting increase in awareness by connecting to the life force energy. If you're interested in taking your spiritual walk up a notch, this course is for you.
Five-Minute Mindfulness Meditations for Busy People
As technology accelerates the human experience, people are more stressed with less time on their hands than ever before. However, mediation is readily available with health benefits that include: reducing stress, regulating emotions, boosting the immune system, increasing mental clarity, and slowing the aging process. If you’re busy and stressed, this course will lead you into calm and peace, in just minutes.
Five-Minute Mindfulness Meditations for Children
5-Minute Meditations of Children will give you the tools to enrich the lives of your children by fostering their emotional and mental health, enhancing their creativity, and deepening their spirituality, for as long as they live. Plus, the meditations are a lot of fun!
Professional Visualization Techniques for Athletes
This is a course of guided visualizations for athletes who want to take their game up to the next level. These professionally proven techniques take on real-life challenges athletes face, to reduce the choke factor, instill confidence, and establish a strong mental / emotional foundation to optimize future performance.