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What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a form of deep guided meditation used by a trained practitioner to access the subconscious mind of a client. It's primarily targeted to influence three areas of life, 1) emotional healing (and the painful repeating patterns they create), 2) enhancing creativity, and 3) expanding consciousness (i.e. spiritual awakening).

Areas of life Hypnotherapy can be used to help clients include Addictions, Athletics, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Physical Pain, Weight Loss, Depression, Eating & Sleep Disorders, Forgiveness, Healing the Past, Stress, Death and Dying, Emotional Pain, Grief and Loss, Panic Attacks and Fear, Divorce, Relationships and Family, Sexual and Physical Abuse. Career and Finances, Intuitive Growth, Life Purpose, Major Life Changes, Past Life Interference, Spirituality, Creating Great Life, and more!

This course is for

Students With No Experience – This course is ideal for anyone looking for a meaningful new career in Hypnotherapy, or for someone looking for a soulful self-enrichment course. A passionate interest in meditation and/or spirituality with a strong desire for helping other people is a must. You will experience the techniques as a client first, so be prepared to heal and grow by facing your own issues.

Existing Holistic and Wellness Professionals – This course is equally suited for professionals who want to supplement their practice by incorporating techniques of this magical, life-changing modality. Perfect for Naturopaths, Psychologists, Yoga Instructors, Massage Therapists, and Healers of all types. If you want to take your Health and Wellness career up to the next level, then this course is for you.

clinical hypnotherapy certification

Part 1 includes everything you will need to know to conduct your first Hypnotherapy session, including how to conduct pre-session interviews, inductions, basic techniques, ending a session, and follow-up.

clinical hypnotherapy certification

Part 2 introduces 15 specific professional hypnotherapy techniques, with guidance on how and when to use them. Be prepared to experience each technique as a client first, to get first-hand experience.

clinical hypnotherapy certification

Part 3 touches on theory, frequently asked questions, legalities, and how to handle unexpected situations that may come up in your sessions. You'll also research regulations that apply to your region.

clinical hypnotherapy certification

Part focuses on advanced issues seasoned Hypnotherapists will face including deep grief, death & dying, unworthiness (not good enough), abandonment, relationships, addictions, sexual abuse, stress, cancer, and more.

clinical hypnotherapy certification

Part 5 demonstrates a full-length Clinical Hypnotherapy session, broken down into bite-sized pieces. It also shows how to handle unexpected situations that may arise during a session.

clinical hypnotherapy certification

Coming Soon! In Part 6, you'll gain clinical experience by putting in the necessary hours in live sessions, to become a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist. Be prepared to film and submit excerpts from your live sessions.

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What Students are Saying

Lauren Carter_round

I wanted to tell you that I’ve taken a lot of courses…and yours are some of the best I’ve come across…I wanted to tell you personally how much these courses are going to change my life…Lauren Carter

Juan Pablo Martínez Celaya_round

 Joseph's teachings…opened my eyes to a whole new world of healing…His approach is quite unique, as he has a spiritual connection—you can feel that throughout his sessions and teachings. I am very grateful to know that there are still people like Joseph on this planet… Juan Pablo Martínez Celaya

hypnotherapy course

I can honestly say Joseph's course was definitely one of the most beneficial courses I have taken. His technique is very unique, practical, and extremely effective. He covers a wide range of topics and he is very generous to share his experience…Shiho