Hypnotherapy Certification

A Master Certification Course

Clinical Hypnotherapy, A Master Certification Course

Join over 1,000 students from around the globe!
In this four-part, 108-video course you'll master the art of professional hypnotherapy.
Part 1
includes the introductory essentials for successfully conducting your first hypnotherapy session.
Part 2
introduces 15 specific professional hypnotherapy techniques, with guidance on how and when to use them.
Part 3
touches on theory, frequently asked questions, legalities, and how to handle unexpected situations that may come up in your sessions.
Part 4
dives into advanced issues that seasoned hypnotherapists face, including Unworthiness, Abandonment, Addictions, Cancer, Creativity, Spiritual Awakenings, and much more.
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What Students are Saying

I wanted to tell you that I’ve taken a lot of courses…and yours are some of the best I’ve come across…I wanted to tell you personally how much these courses are going to change my life…Lauren Carter
 Joseph's teachings…opened my eyes to a whole new world of healing…His approach is quite unique, as he has a spiritual connection—you can feel that throughout his sessions and teachings. I am very grateful to know that there are still people like Joseph on this planet… Juan Pablo Martínez Celaya
I can honestly say Joseph's course was definitely one of the most beneficial courses I have taken. His technique is very unique, practical, and extremely effective. He covers a wide range of topics and he is very generous to share his experience…Shiho