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Wait! Do you know the difference between someone who is depressed and someone who lives a life filled with joy? Sometimes it's only one small decision…Learn the secret

Joseph Drumheller Academy

Hypnotherapy can free your mind & open your heart

Our mission is to support you in becoming the greatest version of yourself. We've trained hundreds of students in our Hypnotherapy Certification Courses. We have thousands of students in our Online Meditation Courses & Programs and we've conducted thousands of private Hypnotherapy Sessions. With methods and techniques that are gentle and safe, we're committed to supporting your long-term healing and growth.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification

Clinical Hypnotherapy Master Certification Course teaches the exciting and dynamic modality of profound and deep inner healing. You’ll learn everything needed to set up and run your own professional practice, from the essential basics to advanced issues, through video courses and live webinars.  If you're interested in a magical and meaningful new career, additional tools for your existing career, or personal life enrichment, then this course is for you.
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Online Courses and Programs

Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses and Guided Meditation Programs are geared to help you get the most out of life. Courses include multi-day healing events, guided meditations for spiritual awakening, professional training, and much more. All of the courses will help you de-stress, heal unwanted emotions, enhance creativity, expand awareness, and awaken the spirit within.
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Private Hypnotherapy Sessions

Personal, one-on-one Hypnotherapy Sessions have the potential for big breakthroughs in any programming holding you back from awakening to your full potential. Check out the variety of programs and packages to jet-start you into becoming the person you are meant to be.
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Books to connect with your True Spirit

The Unity Oracle
After a series of spiritual visions in the Alaskan wilderness, J. C. Sananda is directed by an Inuit Elder to seek his spirituality through the events of his life. What unfolds over the next 20 years is a mystical adventure, resulting in the creation of a new age Oracle that has the power to shape the destiny of the human race.
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The Subconscious, The Divine, and Me
If you are interested in improving your quality of life, this is the book for you. An easy-to-read, yet profound, introduction to spirituality and subconscious/energy healing. Through six lessons, Joseph lead’s us from the pain we feel, to the ability to take action and create a better life.
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Children's Books with Soul

Timeless themes, wonderful values, inspiring adventures, and beautiful illustrations is how Joseph puts real meaning into the universal gift of storytelling. Click on a cover and begin exploring!